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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by CK5, Jun 13, 2001.

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    Looking at the pics of the ORD K5 and it looks like you got some long springs in the rear, are those 63" or are they a tad longer, whats the scoop and how did they do?


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    They are 63" eye to eye, use the stock front mount, move the axle back about 3" and approx 150 lb/in spring rate. even with the traction bars they work pretty well. I think ramp score was about 850 on a 30 degree. Most of the judges actually wanted to see limit straps to rein it in a little.
    Vertical travel is probably a solid 15, maybe more, I haven't measured that close. I know they don't use the leveraged 16" travel shocks though.
    The rearward move was almost too much, the 42's rub just a little on the rear edge of the inner fenderwell. Doing it again, I'd probably move it back 2.5". I was also concerned about hitting the diff on the gas tank, but it all clears with a little room to spare.
    I'll snap some shots as soon as we have it off the trailer.

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