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Restomod ‘87 K5 - name TBD


So finally back in a K5. This one is an ‘87, and is all stock with the exception of a 350 crate motor. I had it shipped from Oregon, where its been its entire life, prior to being picked up on April 10th. I believe I am technically the 4th owner, but it was in the same family from new to 2015 (first two owners), when it was purchased by the gentleman I bought it from. Whats also cool is that the Oregon plates that I now have, are the original plates that were issued when the truck was purchased new in ‘87. I want to keep this blazer’s story, so thats definitely cool; will find a way to incorporate into the man cave for sure. He also gave me a stack of receipts for maintenance and other things.

The previous owner said all of the interior is original (no reproduction), which is pretty remarkable, because its a carpet kit and seat belts away from being near perfect, in my opinion. Also a testament to this truck being well cared for its entire life. It does have an aftermarket tach down near the tcase shifter, which actually doesnt bother me for now. I will eventually address that with new gauges down the line.

It was all black exterior from the factory, but was recently repainted and the seller added the silver for two-tone. Black/silver two-tone is my favorite two-tone combo on squares, so I’m glad this truck now has that. The paint is not perfect but pretty darn close; if it was perfect I would never drive it for fear of rock chips. My biggest concerns were straight, rust free body and frame, and this truck checks those boxes for sure. I believe the underside has the factory undercoating; certainly does not look like the underside of a 34 year old truck.

Its got some sort of 350/350hp crate motor from summit racing, that has about 3k miles on it. It fires right up, idles great and drives well, but I’m sure the factory TBI setup is suffocating it. One thing I’m not sure about was whether an upgraded fuel pump was put in as part of the motor swap. The previous owner told me is has factory injectors, and he was considering a sniper efi setup or similar but just didnt get around to it, so I suspect it has the factory pump in it. Its not on my immediate list, but something I will look into remedying.

Its been years since I’ve driven a square with stock steering, but this has no slop and drives straight, much better than I remember. Its got 31’s and RPO says 3.73’s with gov-bomb.

I’m sure many remember my previous k5, which had 60/70HD, 12 bolt H1’s 42” iroks, 52’s/64’s etc. This truck will be very different. Goal is to keep it clean and have a cool/unique daily driver worthy truck on sunny days, and that looks “stock” to the untrained eye. Nowadays many trucks come with 33-35’s so I think thats achievable.

I owned my previous blazer for 12 years, and only put about 10k miles on it; I was always wrenching on it. While I love wrenching, I just dont have the time these days, and really want to get in and enjoy this truck.

Prior to actually finding this K5, my ultimate vision was:

-Full convertible conversion

-LS3/6L90E or other trans

-driver drop 241 with super short sye

-HP60/narrowed 70HD for strength

-2-3” leafs in front, 2.5” shackle flip and zero-rate

-33-35” on 17’s

Now that I have this truck and its so clean and original, I would feel guilty cutting the roof off, so feel like that has to be removed off the list. Also given its got a new motor, I cant justify a motor swap any time soon, though I would still like to eventually do modern powertrain at some point.

So for now, I’m thinking near-term:


-carpet kit and new seatbelts

-2” springs front/rear (i already have 2.5” shackle flip, but would sell)

-upgraded rear axle as I dont trust 10b’s and certainly not with a crate motor and a gov-bomb (still not sure what path to go on this, will have some discussion about this, whether to stay 6 lug with 14b sf (or go custom?) or go newer full floater w/ disc)

-33’s, ideally on 17’s but the stock rally’s are growing on me, wish I could find a similar looking wheel reasonably priced. Of course 6 lug vs 8 lug consideration as well.

-considering cross-over steering (ORD’s kit can work with I believe 2” lift, with high clearance cross-member). Though this is the best driving square body I’ve driven, so not high priority, and not “necessary”.

-spare-tire carrier while retaining stock rear bumper (similar to whats available for early broncos)

-new gauges

I do have a drw d60 that I cant seem to sell, so if I ended up going 8 lug, that would be an option; do a complete rebuild, convert to srw, etc.

How could I forget. First order of business is changing the dual exhaust from straight out the back to be 90* out the sides in stockish location. I always use to drive with the rear window down and dont want the fumes getting sucked in.

Was in a rush so bare with the handful of pictures. Will get more pics next week.


Trim Level
350 crate motor
Transfer Case
Stock 3.73 with gov-loc
15” rallys
Black/silver two-tone

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