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Restomod “Dylan’s” 89. Its got AC!

89 Jimmy 6.0/4l80e/MAGNUM 205/d60/14bolt


99EE4AE2-3261-4ECD-BD9F-9A5F92D160A4.jpeg View attachment 256615 So I figured I'd get another build thread started

Chapter 1

This is my 89 GMC jimmy. It has been in my family since brand new. Starting its life out in Idaho Falls, ID. My aunt bought it in 89, when I was 4 years old, and I can still remember riding around in this thing and LOVING it! I have always wanted this thing or one of my own and I knew I'd get one eventually. My aunt passed away in 94' and my uncle kept it for quite a while longer. When he decided to sell it my grandparents picked it up from him until they just got too old to drive it. When they were getting ready to sell it I was just finishing up nursing school. We worked it out that if I just got it shipped from Idaho to Mississippi that I could have it, $1600 later it was mine!!!

So now I have a 89, super clean interior, 82k on the odometer, ran good, rode good, just some peeling and paint and slight rust from its Idaho winters.

Well for about the next 5 years I just fixed things here and there, ran it through some mud holes like an idiot, and just kept it running but never had anywhere to do any real mods. I knew once I had a place to work on it I was going to do everything i had always wanted. I picked up some tons that I just hung onto forever, just waiting to get the ball rolling. At this point I was heading off to Nurse anesthetist school and it just sat at my parents for about 3 years.

So fast forward to the end of Anesthesia school. May 2015: I'm engaged, have a wedding this month, buying our first house this month, studying to take my board certification, take my boards exam, bachelors trip and finally honeymoon, THEN start my first anesthesia job June 1.

Oct 2015: Finally decide to go get this thing and move it to my house 30 miles away from my parents. New battery and some starter fluid and she fired right up. I get it home that day and my wife says she has a present for me for the jimmy (See below).

Well sh*t!

Stay tuned for chapter 2.


Bedliner interior
Lq4 bored and cammed
Transfer Case
Magnum 205
DIY crossover
4:56 d60/14bolt

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