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03 1500 flat bed build


Bought this truck, 4wd, 5.3 base with 105k on the odometer.

Truck was beat on by the previous owner. Tried to be a snow plower. Back into a Mercedes on his first day. Must have been moving.

I was going to pull the body and set the blazer on it. Lowered 4wd DD. FTW.

Not going to happen. So I am going to build a flat bed.

Already added electric seats and cruise control

Today it started.

Hitch is a little bent.

Bed removal by myself.

I new I had to deal with this.

Got it straightened out with big steel, clamps, BFH and a lot of heat. It is straight and square. Measured diagonals and it is 1/16" off. Only issue is, and it is a big one, the frame is twisted. Right rear corner is 1" higher. Blocked the left side up and tried to push the right corner down with the skidder. No dice.

Will try something else tomorrow.

I guess I should describe the future bed. Aluminium frame and sides, shortened to 7 feet long so it will fit in the garage. Recessed rollers in the surface. Sides will be removed and used to widen bed if needed. The back section will extend to 10 feet long if needed.

I have 9 days to have it usable.


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Collecting parts with no real plan for the end. I just know I'm not cool without an LS swap and tons.
I never had a build thread. Built it before I knew of CK5. Thank goodness. If not, it would be on leafs and one tons.:whistle: So I will post when I rebuild stuff. As if anyone cares. Broke the truck at King of the Hammers. 200 feet from where I broke it the year before.:doah: Hooked a rock with the right front tire, at 2mph. Stripped the splines out of the pitman arm this year. Hit a rock at 2mph last year, going the other way. Broke the ears off of the stearing box. Drove it back to camp...
Went to Portland on 11/11/11. Left at 1pm. Ran out of fuel at the truck stop 1 mile from the dealer. Got it fueled and restarted. Running lights started flickering off, then quit. A short was loading the breaker. Chased it somewhere in the head rack. Cut that feed. Rain started. Go figure. Wipers looked good. Were rock hard and began falling apart after 30 minutes. New were installed. 5 hours into the trip we finally found the heater line valve. Heat started working. For a full story on...

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