07+ GM Wheels on a SFA

  • Hey y'all, I've been running this setup for about 6 months after pondering the concept for quite a while. I always hated how we solid front axle guys couldn't run a new body style wheel on our trucks because of the hub bore diameter. Well it took quite a bit of doing, but here is how I did it for those interested.

    Of course first I found some wheels of my liking on the local CL, scored these 18x8 Alloys for $300.


    Next I had them machined to accept a bigger hub like the ones on our rigs.The final bore ended up to be 94mm. I found an older gentleman around town that cut all 4 wheels for $60.


    Once this was completed I had to have some custom built adapter spacers made to correct the high positive offset of the wheels.


    At that point I was down right scared to put additional leverage/stress on the undersized factory 7/16" studs. I opted to upgrade to a 1/2" stud to ensure strength wouldn't be an issue. The studs I ended up with are used for drag cars. Knurl diameter was the same for the front, they pressed right in. I drilled the rear axle flanges to 14mm to accept the larger knurl diameter; since it was smaller.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I was happy with the end result and proceeded to bolt everything together.


    I decided to go with 35x12.50x18 Nitto Trail Grappler for my tires. I was, and still am extremely happy with my choice, I have never seen a square body with NBS wheels.


    Just ask if you have any questions on the details of the install! [emoji1]
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