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1968 C10 DD, project "New Tricks"

  • I'm looking at starting another project. This will be my daily driver and I'll be keeping it for as long as possible. The 67-72 C10 is my platform, but leaning towards the 67&68 grille. Anything I get will end up with an LS/trans swapped in. It will also end up with disc brake and suspension upgrades from CPP.

    Tell me what you guys think. Here are some of the choices I've been looking at. Not necessarily these trucks, but very close to what I'm looking at.

    The long bed, useful but kinda long, still slick

    The short bed, great handling, desirable, needs work but all there

    The short bed with missing bed, running inline 6, needs lots of work but cheap driver. I've also got this image of a dropped flat bed truck, small tubs tucking 20s or 22s, and stained wood bed with clean tool box against the cab. CPP everything and a 5.3/4L60 round out the awesomeness. :bow: