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Wife's Ride 1968 Vette build for the Mrs


Some of you guys got the scoop on facebook yesterday, but I made a semi-impulsive valentine's day purchase for my wife yesterday... She told me on our first date 12 years ago, that she had always wanted a C3 corvette. I've casually looked since then, a bit more since being back conus, and have noticed prices climbing. Stumbled onto this Saturday and talked it over all day. We went out yesterday to take a look, and she said it was the one. As of right now, it's a roller. New wiring, new front clip, all new suspension, brakes, wheels and tires. Motor is a 427 bored 060 over running 13:1 compression :eek:. It was an original big block car with a 4 speed, but is no longer numbers matching. Comes with boxes and boxes of extras, NOS trim, lights, etc. All the chrome looks good and is there. The only thing it needs is carpet, everything else is accounted for. Has a hard top and soft, two hoods, extra tilt/telescopic column... So we're heading back Saturday to pick it up. She's beside herself about it.

Priority 1 is to decide what we're doing about the motor. Options include new lower compression pistons, swap the 468 out of the blazer, or find an lsx and possibly 6 speed to swap in. We're going to try and figure that out this week. From there, it just needs the wiring finished, front clip bonded on and everything put back together. We're both really excited about this one.

Anyways, on to some pics.



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