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1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

  • Just picked up my '71 recently. Always wanted a 1st Gen Blazer! It's in good shape mechanically and a lot of the rust was removed. Lucked out and have access to a shop to work on it and keep it parked inside.

    Not looking to build a show car, but I want it to look good and be reliable. I plan to use this for camping, tooling around town, and runs to the hardware store. I attached a bunch of "before" photos for posterity.

    The first tasks I'm working on:
    1. Cut off the rear truck bumper, buy and install a chrome bumper with brackets
    2. Buy a hardtop! The soft top will not cut it for the Northwest winters. I've located a top without a hatch in Portland from a forum member.....but I'd really like a hatch lined up or a whole top.
    3. The previous owner sanded or cut off some metal by the top of the windshield on each side (pics attached). I have some small pieces of steal cut to size and need to weld them in.
    4. Paint the body and redo seals
    If anyone has a lead on a hardtop near Seattle, please let me know. I'll upload some pics over the next few days of the rear bumper assembly....it's all welded and looks nutty. I will need some help as to what goes and where to mount the correct bumper brackets.

    Also, the horn isn't hooked up....but I found an air horn setup? Not sure how to connect it though, pics included.

    Just wanted to get this started! Thanks in advance for any help, I'll need it!