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Hey all, been a member for few years and commented here and there but haven't been too active. I thoroughly enjoy the forum and the immense wealth of knowledge that is available and shared here. The best investment i make ever year is renewing my membership.
Anywho after roughly 13 years playing with, learning on, and cursing at my truck; I've decided its time to actually try and document what I've done and how I got to where I'm at. Hopefully I'll be able to help out a little and give back for all the help and info I've received.
Back in late 2003 I bought The Jimmy from my auto shop teacher, he had been storing it for years for his father. They had started a frame off restoration and made it through a full tear down and repaint before it sat in the shop. years went by and many high school students tinkered with it and inquired as to the availability of the truck. The answer was always "It's not for sale" and politely leave it alone.
Then I guess the stars aligned and i was the lucky one, I expressed some interest and after being told no, My shop teacher talked with his father and came back to me in a few weeks later and we made a deal.
I bought my first "vehicle" during high school, at school.
Now 'vehicle" at the time it was not. I bought a tub with a frame and axles on transportation tires. the original wiring was in a box, engine was tucked in a corner, transmission was on the floor under a shelf which had a multitude of boxes with all sorts of parts, some belonging to the Jimmy and many not.
At this time I had a general understanding of automotives, knew my way around a too set, and a basic ability with fabrication. I ended up getting a great education out of this truck that's still on going and some of the best memories of my life.
I'll try and add as many pictures as I can (cuz everyone likes pics) and try keep them chronological.
I failed at taking a lot of pictures in the initial build phase because I lacked a camera. These are a few that i have.

fitting engine parts.jpg

building the jimmy.jpg

assembling the jimmy.jpg
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