1975 c30 ramp truck. 6.0/4l85. another project.

  • Bought this from my buddy, got a pretty decent deal on it. it has a low mileage (60k) 6.0 and 4l85 in it. it has a brand new set of 19.5 tires with it (the rears arent on) that i had just sold him. planning on cleaning it up. body and paint, and then throw some denali seats and center console in it that i have laying around, or maybe even my spare escalade interior. It surprisingly drives very nice and has a good amount of power. Its in decent shape too, hopefully not gonna need much body work. Definitely going to add vintage air and cruise control.

    not sure if im going to fix it up to use it, or just fix it up to sell. I'll get some more pictures in the next couple days.