1976 C-10 Stepside Shortbox - Beagle's Build -496/Turbo 400 build

  • IMAG0251.jpg So I recently received a rather large bonus at work and decided that I wanted to buy myself something fun (as if I don't do that enough as it is). My company has bonuses every quarter, sometimes they are size-able. My previous bonuses have went to bills.
    One thing I have been wanting to do was get a C-10 short box. I always wanted to do "Big bother - Little brother" pair of trucks. Originally I wanted the C-10 to be the same with a 91 clip and stepside box, same color and such. As I have thought about it more I decided it would be more fun to have "little brother" not an exact copy of my 79. So once I knew what my bonus was going to be, the search was on for a C-10. I then decided it had to be older then 80.
    So 80 and older and short box have been my criteria.

    The search was on.

    I searched for about a month before I finally hashed out a deal and this followed me home.


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