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1977 Chevy k10 "N Debt" build.....Dash install completed


Originally when I purchased the truck it was going to be a mild build, closer to a resto. But as with most of us that changed somewhere between buying the truck and driving it home. 350/350TH/NP203

Next thing tackled was the electrical, I purchased the EZ wiring 21 circuit kit and replaced all of the electrical with the exception of the dual tank wiring. I installed an electric fuel pump and am planning on a fuel cell on the back of flatbed (down the road). I also bypassed the keyed ignition and installed rocker switches.

Made the worn down 350 a little prettier, replaced the stock exhaust with some Hooker headers and Flowmaster Series 40 mufflers, and replaced the old spark plug wiring with some Taylor wires:

And for my next project, I picked the axles up in Nebraska:waytogo: And a whole bunch of ORD parts:
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