1977 Chevy K10 Trailering Special

  • I have a 1977 Chevy K10 trailering special, this is my first truck and has been a learning curve due to having no experience with vehicles. The truck was parked for 6 years behind a barn because of a bad fuel system. Last year I pulled it out and was going to fix the truck but did not have funds to properly replace the fuel system. This spring I finally decided to go all-in and fix the truck with the help of my brother.

    I completely replaced the fuel system (except for the fuel selector valve) which made her come back to life. I put two new saddle tanks and made new tank straps and the felt padding due to the straps I bought was too big for the tanks. The sending units are new but they still give inaccurate measurements even with a good ground. I replaced all the rubber fuel lines except the metal ones because they were still in good shape. The fuel pump was replaced and was relatively easy to install with a tip from my brother. My brother also rebuilt the carburetor which is an Edelbrock 400 and made a huge difference in performance.
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    SBC 350