1979 K-10 Stepside Shortbox - Beagle's Build -

  • So I have been asked to put together a build thread. Please bear with me as many pictures I will be posting were kind of dark and didn't scan in real well.

    So my story (and my truck's) started in 1998. When I turned 16.
    I grew up in Northern IL outside a small farming town of 500. My father is a farmer and always had squarebodys. So I always wanted one. Shortbox. Lifted. Huge tires. Rollbar full of lights. Dual pipes with huge tips.
    The stuff that measures a man's manliness. You know the standard OFF-ROAD mid 80's magazine stuff.

    Where I came from everything is a short drive and it's pretty much unheard of for a 16 yr old not to get a car and start driving.

    So my search for the perfect square started when I was 15. After looking at a bunch of trucks that just weren't right for one reason or another, my father convinced me that a proper 16yr old should have a car. And when I turned 16, he would buy a new truck and I would get his.

    So a 16yr old with a car and a truck? SCORE! Right? No, not for me. His truck at the time was an 89' half ton. Nope. Wrong body for me. Plus IFS?
    Forget it.
    So when I turned 16. I got this. Still have her.

    montecarlo Page 001.jpg