1980 blazer - trying to stay stock and clean

  • 1980 blazer - I bought it from an old man who hadn't driven it in over 3 years - it was sitting in his garage with flat spots on the old tires. Him and his buddies had recently swapped in a 2000-ish crate 350 (hecho en mexico) but could not get it to run right.

    At face value, I thought it was clean as hell and it is one of the most stock Blazers I'd ever seen. My plan was to do a medium lift and throw some expensive american wheels (like the old school welds, basically anything that's not Chinese) and mud tires.... after a few weeks of ownership I realized how stock this thing is and decided I'm not going to chop anything up.

    Anyways here we go

    Bringing her home

    Dash is torn up, gauges were filthy so thats where i started (after a shop got her running nice)



    Plastidipped this bezel.... I'm probably going to order new aluminum pieces

    and I finally stepped up and I ordered a new dash pad months ago. Except truck shop dropped the ball, now I reordered through usa-1 and I'm still waiting for a dash pad I ordered last year!!
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