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1980 gmc.. build thread.. im back.. post 438. :/


since everyone is doing it. i thought why not me too? long story short for my truck.. i got this truck 1 year and 10 months ago from my finacee for my late birthday and it was only 300 bucks. and we both got together 2 years ago.. this saturday 5/5 will be our 2 year anniversary.. So far i rebuilt the engine. the original engine broked on me. the cam was flat. replaced that. next tranny blew and i guess jerked the engine bad and made it spun the bearing in piston number 7 and 8, i kept the engine to rebuild later. new engine got rebuilt and is going strong. but its only abt 6 k miles now after a year and 8 months i think. tranny got rebuilt at the same time. beefy with shift kit. all i can say is the truck screams. i first got the truck it was 64,000 original miles and the owner was 80 something yrs old. im the 2nd owner so i like that!. well enough of the story! heres my truck.


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