1984 K10 Build - My $$$ Eater

  • So, here's my 1984 K10. It was my brother's truck until he passed away in 1991. It needs a lot of TLC. Plans are to run a 5.3/4L60e/208. (Later plans involve upgrading to 14bff as well as upgrading my front Corp. 10 bolt to 3/4 ton.) It has 3.08 gears, so that'll have to change too... Right now, I get about 9 miles to the gallon. This's will be my daily driver.

    I intend to run with the DBW.

    Yep, I'm still looking for a way to run that 208 with the 4L60e. I'd like to find an adapter that will make this work. I'll obviously need someway to get the VSS in order too.

    Currently running on a worn 350/700R4/208. 4" Lift with 33/12.50's

    For now, I need to get it street legal. Been sitting out in a field in East Texas for the last 5 years... (12 too many deployments)

    So, it seems that brakes are first in the order... That'll be what I tackle while I'm waiting on the government to come out of this shutdown.