1985 D30 M1008 BUILD 52s/37s

  • I have been out the square body fun for a while now. After a failed attempt to buy my K5 back I started a search for another rig.The K5 1 ton I should have kept SMH
    Here's what I found instead!
    85 K30 M1008. I had been looking a few K5's and knew I would need some 1 ton drive train. Wasn't expecting to find one that I could drive home 2 hours. The 6.2 didn't miss a beat on its road trip back to Nebraska.

    At first i was tempted to pull the axles and find another sqare, k5, or SWB K10
    After driving this K30 and messing with it I can't do that. The plans are leave everything as is and get it it trail ready! 4" lift, 37s and all
    The supporting mods! Sure wish it had a NV4500. Maybe some day.
    First step was a wash, so every bang of a hammer wouldn't be a dust storm in my face.

    So far just been tinkering with little things like lights and radio and cleaning up hacked wires. D60 need a rebuilding. That will first on the list