1985: FrankenBurban 3/4 ton 4x4 grassroots hauler

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    I purchased this truck back in June of this year but here is the skinny:

    85 3/4 ton suburban 4x4 heavy duty diesel chassis.
    power plant is from a rusted out 87 or 89 3/4 ton gasser TBI v8 350 SBC with manual trans.

    There is a lot of mystery from this truck, I purchased it off of my GF's family but I know the vehicle came from Texas sometime in the mid 2000's so it only had minor surface rust issues but a day of sanding followed by a day of bedliner took care of that.

    Didn't have to to much to get it to run, gave it some fluids and a battery and it started right up!

    I bought the truck to haul around my 86 rx7 rallycross car, I have a 20' car hauler (18' deck, 2' dovetail) and this is basically operation overkill but it fits plenty of equipment and I can sleep inside of it comfortably so I don't need to pay for a hotel.

    Can't post photos yet due to the limits but I'll update this later:

    here are the highlights:

    14 bolt rear end, 8 lug all around
    poly bushings for the leafsprings
    NP208 T-case
    350SBC TBI
    hydraulic clutch master/slave
    heavy duty diesel cooling system (radiator is waaaaay too big)
    still retains the hydroboost system :)
    parking brake works!
    GM muncie SM465 (now with ZF-meritor tractor shift knob :D )
    285/75/16 tires with healthy meat left, minimal wear and weathering
    rear AC (possibly functional)
    4.10 gears
    remote mounted differential breathers (F&R)
    sealed 7 way/4 way combo w/ hitch