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1986 GMC 3+3 dually build.- cummins swap.. Updates- 2015



Hey guys, I finally get to start a build thread fresh from the beginning, I know this is a popular thing to do now a days, build up a crew cab but I have been lusting/searching for a clean one for the better part of 6years now.

I have searched through many craigslists ads, friends of friends, went and looked at many trucks over the years. Never found one I was happy with. I originally wanted to build a crew cab for wheeling, then as time went on, I kept building my blazer and then wanted a single wheel crew cab short bed, but as fate would have it, I have ended sup with an absolutly beautiful 2wd crew cab dually.

I recently graduated and wanted to get myself that "new" diesel truck I thought I could afford, then reality came back to me and the crew cab dream continued so here I am with an awesome project to build instead.

My use for this truck will be to tow my blazer occasionally, DD it and general truck use.
The specs will be the following

86 Crew Cab Dually
96 12v cummins
96 2wd NV4500
71 np205 divorced
83 Dana 60 for the 4wd swap

Late novemember my friend crashed his dodge diesel, totalled it so I bought it off him for the motor and sold the rest.

Here is the dodge


The motor- i have more pictures after 10,000bottles of engine degreaser,

The motor is going to get the advanced timing, 3200springs, fuel plate and thats about it, the truck will be a mild DD/towing build.



I had to make quite the stand for the motor... was cheap too!




I am waiting on painting the motor till after i get everything done. The killer dowel pin fell out so i am fixing that and doing a LOT of seals, front main, rear main, oil pan, etc.

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