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1987 K5 gets a LQ4


Finally getting started on this thing after 2 years sitting in my garage collecting dust. Going back to the beginning, Picked it up november 2011 on base in camp pendleton California from a fellow marine at the public car lot on base. He purchased it in florida and it spent its early days as a pensacola fd truck. I got discharged in december and two of my buddies flew out from back home in Michigan to make the trek across the country with me. Made a few stops along the way, vegas, hoover dam, denver, and made it all the way back to MI with no issues except for the leaking heater core so we had to keep the coolant topped off. Used it as a dd for a few months till i had some extra cash. Everything on it was bone stock, so having no mechanical experience myself i naively took advice from my buddy who thought he knew alot. So i listened to him and put a 6” rough country lift on it that rides like a log truck, and bought brand new wheels and 35’ toyo ATs for it. Drove it on and off like that for a while till i blew the 700r4 at silver lake, then i had that rebuilt and 4.10s put in by another buddy of mine. Then dd’d it for a while again till the 305 started knocking real bad. Then came marriage, a baby and here it sits. Ive been wanting to do an ls swap for some time. So back in october a customer of ours didnt want to keep dumping money into his 2000 3/4 ton chevy anymore so i sprung on that opportunity and picked the whole truck up for a whopping $700. 6.0 ran great, 4L80E shifts just right and no SES on. Score! So i brought that sucker home and im in the process of transfering everything over. Hoping to have it done by April as thats when the next baby is due. My vision for this is to be a dd, be capable in the dunes, and take it on some mild trails up north. Maybe within the next year next on the list will be 3/4 ton axles and upgrade the suspension with a shackle flip and maybe 52s up front. Well see what happens. Trying to keep the cost down also, doing all of the work myself, reworking the harness with help from lt1swap. Already have a bunch of parts ready to go on, schoenfield 1302 headers, ord big block engine xmember, dirty dingo adjustable upper mounts, ep381 pump and new sender, new radiator, hoping to pick up a 241 soon with electronic vss. Moving slowly right now as im busy with work and other projects around the house but i will try to update as much as i can.


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