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1987 K5 Rebuild- narrow and dovetail the body


This is going to be a slow build, but I hope this thread gives me some more motivation if a discussion is started/interest.

I have had this k5 since I was 17, I am 30 now and it has gone through a few different phases, I will give a quick history. Its been through 3 or 4 motors, 3 trans, 2 transfer cases and a few axle configurations since then.

When I got it, had to redo the floor completely, my dad and I tackled it with no experience doing any welding/fab work.. but came out decent!

Of course, being 17 or 18, you gotta get some offroad lights..

Then I progressed to some 33" mud terrains

Then came the cheapie 4" rough country lift..

Of course, reading CK5 didnt help.. so I tried my hand at fabrication...

terrible front bumper.. but hey, learning..

Then I "upgraded" to a dana 60 rear, D44 front and 35" tires on a home brew shackle flip.

Naturally, I got bored of the paint job, so I spray bombed it and put 37" humvee tires on it.

Then traded those for some 38" TSL's I believe, also I think I swapped a 14bolt in sometime then.

Drove it to Maine, did some wheeling, drove it home.

Tossed in 1tons, a proper shackle flip and made this bumper...

Also some proper seats

Some rock sliders.. I think my repaired rockers rotted out by the time I was 25.

I ended up clocking the 208 and building a square front driveshaft.


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Now, I know that this build may be a little different than the typical ck5 build, but I thought a few of you may enjoy this, or if this is totally off topic and should not be on here, fully understandable and I will not continue. To give you guys a little back ground on myself, I am a tech ed teacher at a local public high school and we research, design, fabricate and race fully electric race cars. I had this dream since I started teaching to start this program to help the kids learn the...
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Hey guys, I finally get to start a build thread fresh from the beginning, I know this is a popular thing to do now a days, build up a crew cab but I have been lusting/searching for a clean one for the better part of 6years now. I have searched through many craigslists ads, friends of friends, went and looked at many trucks over the years. Never found one I was happy with. I originally wanted to build a crew cab for wheeling, then as time went on, I kept building my blazer and then wanted a...

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