1988 K5 4-link crawler

  • Bought the K5 for $2800 June 2016 with a reman 350 TBI, 700R4, np208 with some weather checked tires. Ran good, shifted firm and the body was straight...so I thought "why not?"

    Certainly a long list of items to do, and as with many, the limitations are often time, parts, money and spousal agreements to support. :smile:

    Done so far:
    - 10 bolts...gone. Leaf springs...gone. Stock fuel tank...gone. Steering box...gone.
    - Entire body primered and coated with beige bed liner
    - 14 bolt, Detroit Locker, 4.56, pinion guard, bridged and trussed
    - Dana 60 front build underway; Detroit, 4.56, complete hub-hub rebuild, OX u-joints
    - Bed cage; all bent here out of 1.75" .120 wall DOM
    - Corbeau baja seats w/harnesses
    - New radiator w/electric fan from Crown Vic on designated switch
    - LED headlight conversion (upper white/lower ambers)
    - 4-link brackets fab'd up and tacked in place
    - New 37's Maxxis Trep's on 17" steelies
    ...I'm sure I'm missing other smaller items

    To Do:
    - Cut and TIG the links and tube adapters (2" .250 wall DOM)
    - Shock/Suspension brackets on axles
    - Bend hoops/CNC cut shock mounts for coilovers (King coilovers on all four corners)
    - PSC full hydro front steer
    - In-bed fuel cell
    - Continue cage into cab
    - Box in sections of the frame
    - Taper front/rear for clearance(s)
    - Cut out my own beadlocks and mount 'em
    ....and more.

    I'm hoping to be on the trails by June. My original goal was Moab by mid-May, but that's not promising.
    I'll keep up with photos as much as I can. I'm more of a hobbyist, but I do all of my own chassis/cage design, tube bending, cnc plasma/hand cutting, MIG/TIG welding, etc. Only a few items I get from other shops that have the means to press thick parts, etc.

    IMG_4048.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4048.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4136.JPG F8C1C7CF-A659-4D5B-95A1-DA58A7AFA6B5.JPG IMG_0015.JPG K5_cage2.JPG 4773FC64-2EED-4E77-82E4-A1ECD1B557B0.JPG B0E490E0-82D7-4639-9024-C302E1C79791.JPG IMG_0145.JPG IMG_0146.JPG IMG_0155.JPG