1989 Chevy K5 Silverado - Round 2

  • Due to the total loss of my 1983 Chevy K20 I picked up a 1989 Chevy K5 to replace it. I no longer need the dual purpose wheeler and tow rig since we bought an '05 Ford F250 crewcab last summer.

    Short term plans included stripping the musty carpet/interior and putting down some bed liner. Also, lift it 4", swap in my rebuilt 3/4 ton axles with 4.10 gears and run 285/75R16 tires.

    Long term I want to swap the TBI 350 & 700R4 for a 6.5L & NV4500 combo and possibly some paint and body work.

    I sold this project to a friend, now bought it back off of him after a couple years. Skip ahead 3 years (post #52) from this post for current info :whistle:

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  1. Killain
    "Well, I hate to see one go."
    This is a very nice original K5, not a big fan of chopping it up and stuffing lift kits and oversized tire on them, but to each his own. Ain't many stock K5's around anymore.