1989 Crew Cab Tow Rig Build

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    This thread is going to start off very slow but hopefully pick up steam in the next 6 months or so. I have liked the ideas of build threads to catalog what I do to rigs and also maybe give other people ideas on their own stuff. So here we go....

    Right now I currently have a 1996 K2500 extended cab pickup with the L29 7.4 liter Vortec 454, 4l80e, 14bff rear with 4.10 gears. Literally it is bone stock. I have been using it as a tow rig for my K5 for the last couple of years. It doesn't do too bad at all towing on flat or slight grades, but in CO we have some pretty big mountains to go over. On some of the bigger passes I have a hard time even keeping up with the loaded down semi's. It hasn't been too bad and I have just dealt with it, but recently I had my 3rd boy and with just the extended cab with no door access to the back seat, it was starting to get really annoying.

    So, like most people I started to look at 3/4 and 1 ton crew cab pickups, both gas and diesel in all makes. I quickly found out how freaking rediculous this truck market is right now. The prices are so overpriced in my opinion. The more I was looking at these trucks the more pissed off I was getting. After talking with my brother he told me to get into the medium duty semi market (as he just did). If I had some property I would do this in a hearbeat but as that is not in the foreseable future, a crew cab pickup is really what I needed.

    Then I got the idea of just building my own tow rig how I want it. I have seen some guys use the older square body crew cab 1 tons as tow rigs and thought they were some of the coolest tow rigs I have ever seen. So I was on the hunt for one. In CO, even for 2wd versions, in SRW or DRW guys are wanting a lot for these. I started looking on the forum sites too and happen to find a guy here on CK5 with a 1989 V3500 Crew Cab that was 100% rust free with a TBI 350, TH400, NP205, 14bff, d60, and 4.10 gears. He was priced right in my opinion for the truck....but the only problem was it is in the state of Washington. I just so happened to talk to my brother who lives in WA who said he would be willing to go pick it up for me and keep it at his house until we arrange to get it back to CO for me....I was sold!

    So as of right now, these are some of the pics I have of it from the seller. It is at my brothers house and we are working on possibly next month getting this thing back to my house so I can start this build. Sorry for the long intro, so on to the pics which is what everyone wants to see...