1989 Diesel Jimmy. What do we have here hmmmm

  • So I bought this Jimmy to have as my daily driver.

    Couple of things I need to address very quickly. The transmission is going out that is currently being addressed I will be getting my trans on Thursday from Mt. Home.

    Need to fix the windshield wipers the back window (it worked several times before not working), lube up the power windows, do a complete fluid change on the diffs rad. engine etc. Double check the rear and front wheel bearings. Just go through everything and double check.

    This is going to be a daily driver not touching it until it needs replaces kind of build.

    It already has a 6" lift and 35s 10 bolts front and rear, have no idea what gearing

    My first trip home with it got 19 mpg so I am pretty happy with that

    Anyway here are some pics