1989 GMC V2500 - Another LIVEanimals slow build [I'm Back]

  • As one said in my last build thread "They always come back". Some of you might remember me or maybe my last Suburban from a few years back. I sold the old girl because I thought I needed a big a$$ diesel. I was wrong and I've finally come to my senses and returned to the square body world.

    To be completely honest I still like my Dodge CTD, the power is great and its reliable but its expensive to maintain and Im over it. Plus I've regretted selling my old Burb since the day sold it.

    Anyways on to the pics

    The old 90
    The CTD (which will be sold soon)
    The new to me 89

    So this build is going to be slow as was my last one. The purpose of this rig is mainly a daily but will also be setup to be a capable/reliable hunting camping rig.

    Most of the things that need to be done to it at the moment are purely cosmetic. The tires are shot and the front brake lines are way short so that'll be the first priority.

    I'm a few years out of the game so I'm going to need help with rim sizing. I will be running some sort of 35x12.5 tire, I don't know what brand yet.
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