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1990 crew cab.. Tow rig?


I was looking for a crew cab or blazer to replace my current blazer


Well I found a crew cab project but i think it's too nice (even though it doesn't look like it) to tear up. So here are the plans for it
79 ford HP Dana 60 (3.55)
14 bolt?
4-6 inch lift
Humvee 37s

Car corners are good, the only rust is the rockers but it came with new panels. I have a couple extra pickups with the 6.0 drivetrains so I'll probably be using one of them. I'm taking the Dana 61 out that's in it and putting in a high pinion Dana 60 my uncle has, still on the pallet from a fresh rebuild. I'll need to find a rear end with 3.55s (can you get 3.55s for a 14?) probably take the heated leather interior out of the donor pickup. Will put vintage air in eventually. Not sure on color yet. Probably be a slow build to start out. Not bad for $800 though.

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Bought this from my buddy, got a pretty decent deal on it. it has a low mileage (60k) 6.0 and 4l85 in it. it has a brand new set of 19.5 tires with it (the rears arent on) that i had just sold him. planning on cleaning it up. body and paint, and then throw some denali seats and center console in it that i have laying around, or maybe even my spare escalade interior. It surprisingly drives very nice and has a good amount of power. Its in decent shape too, hopefully not gonna need much body...
Edit: I’ve tried replacing pictures since photobucket stopped working, but some of them might not be the same as the original. Hope this is ok to post here, i like this forum a lot more than pirate. If you don't know my previous k5 its the one with the ugly front end that had a 4bt. still planning on sticking a 5.3 in it sometime this winter(i already have a donor pickup..or 4), but for now it sits outside with no drivetrain. So that brings us to the escalade, i bought a 2006 escalade...
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I've read just about every build thread on here and decided to put up some pictures of my blazer. Bought it from my grandpa 4 years ago when I was 15 with a snowplow on the front and sold the plow for what I paid for the blazer. I don't have any pictures of it stock when I got it, had a 6.2 700r4/208 and half ton axles. Put a 6 inch lift and 36 inch military tires on it and wheeled it like that for quite a while. After breaking the 44 a couple times I found a set of Dana 60s on...

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