1990 crew cab.. Tow rig?

  • I was looking for a crew cab or blazer to replace my current blazer

    Well I found a crew cab project but i think it's too nice (even though it doesn't look like it) to tear up. So here are the plans for it
    79 ford HP Dana 60 (3.55)
    14 bolt?
    4-6 inch lift
    Humvee 37s

    Car corners are good, the only rust is the rockers but it came with new panels. I have a couple extra pickups with the 6.0 drivetrains so I'll probably be using one of them. I'm taking the Dana 61 out that's in it and putting in a high pinion Dana 60 my uncle has, still on the pallet from a fresh rebuild. I'll need to find a rear end with 3.55s (can you get 3.55s for a 14?) probably take the heated leather interior out of the donor pickup. Will put vintage air in eventually. Not sure on color yet. Probably be a slow build to start out. Not bad for $800 though. crew.jpg