1990 "James" 5.3 Jimmy

  • 20160525_125621.jpg I bought this about 5 years ago from a friend of the family. It was sitting in a field when I came across it but it fired up and I drove it home.
    Previous owner had made a few changes, 6" superlift, Dana 44 front, 14 bolt semi float in the rear and it was sitting on 33's. I don't have a pic on 33s but this is basically how it stood when I got it.
    I was never really sure what the ultimate plan was for it, but my wife and I both had a soft spot for squares and like doing some offroading in the mountains.

    First thing I did was put 35s on it, 33s were way too small.

    Over the years I've made some small upgrades I picked up a soft top and basic roll bar for cheap from a guy parting out a K5. Put in a suburban third row seat since removing the top removed the seat belts. Wife bought me an a-bomb bumper, put a lock rite in the rear.

    This last year has kinda ramped up my desire to build it better I guess, started with a crammed 5.3/4l60e swap which is done.

    Here's basically how it sits today

    I just picked up a donor suburban off a former member here for its Dana 60 and 14 bolt. Which came with a lot of extras that have me trying to make some decisions on where to go next.
  • Year:
    5.3 cammed, full length headers, /4l60e/np241
    Dana 44 front
    14 bolt semi float with lock rite
    6" spring lift
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