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1990 K5 Build ( Ol' blue )


About 9 months ago i finally had a found a k5 online for sale that wasnt growing weeds through the floor in a farmers field for 5 grand, and actually saw one that caught my eye and was close to home, Awesome i thought.


This is was the photos posted online, Apparently it ran like a charm and was stored in a barn over the last 4 winters and was " lady " driven as the man claimed..

So i show up and not having driven standard in awhile and having the gas pedal stiffer than a brick, i managed to get the dump truck up on the grass at the farm. Then i proceed to crawl under it...:confused: Not knowing much about these trucks per say but having an alright understanding of vehicles since i had just fixed up a 1990 exploder and sold it, i proceeded to look around. Ball joints were shot, u joints were allllright i guess. Brakes ( front and rear ) were brand new..even though the owner before him decided to paint the drums and calipers red... Other then the typical things that are wrong with a vehicle when people assume they last forever until they fall to pieces, the thing looked decent.

i didnt have all the money i needed in hand since the ATM only lets me take out 1000 a day and i work well more than the bankers do, i told him I would return the next day, even if i had to fake sick for the AM to hit a bank. So a few days later and some bull**** about him having to take the tires off and not budging on the price i bought it anyway for just under 4 grand.

This being november of last year and living in the old white north, it was a litttle chilly. So she sat for most of the winter as i proceeded to leave her covered outside and work on it from time to time.

k5 in snow 2 by smithblakek5

In the time being i couldnt help but drive it to work a few times

interior by :D

After a few rides i noticed it smelt awful of raw fuel.. Having no smog or CAT here in alberta i thought it maybe wasnt as rich as i had previously thought, but after noticing a tank of gas was only giving me about 200 km a tank. I dove into this site and posted my problem.

I got Lots of help from members about fuel pressure, Rotor and cap gunk, injector spray, Coolant temp sensor, MAP sensor, FPR, Open and Closed loop and gaskets and so forth.

So i tackled the TBI unit first

throttle body 2 by smithblakek5, on Flickr
Throttle body 1 by smithblakek5, on Flickr

I changed out the gaskets, Cleaned all the gunk that had built up around the FPR, Changed out the FPR for a new one with a new spring included, I noticed the injectors were very dirty and decided to get new injectors. I cleaned it all up and put a new set of wires on.

Fired it up :woot: aaaaand no luck. I went back and re torqued the torx screws that seat the TBI unit together and broke two..:doah:
Gladly i had picked up a full set from the junkyard prior. After that i got a little fed up with the code 44 i was getting, especially knowing my exhaust was NOT lean but rich. I changed o2 sensor.. No luck.

I finally changed the MAP sensor and ECT sensor.. No luck..:dunno:
I opened the cap and rotor and it was gunky to say the least. I couldnt find a nice brass one for the time being but atleast got a NEW one, Changed the plugs from NGK uridium ( the really thin pointy tipped ) ones to E3 plugs since i had troubles finding ACdelco ones at the time. And at the very end of this noticed the previous owner had a wire on the distributor placed in the wrong order. Fired it up and :bow: it smelt a little bad while it burnt the crap out but after a few minutes i had a steady idle and no gas smell again!! so thank you to anyone who posted in that thread.

engine up and running smooth by smithblakek5

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