1990 k5 with lQ4/4l80e

  • Been dreaming of this for years. I have a 1990 k5 1500 in good shape and an 02 Silverado 2500HD for a donor. Im pulling the body for undercoat, painting frame, and painting body. I might be painting it myself I've always wanted to

    Drivetrain will be

    LQ4 6.0 (rebuilding)
    • Milled heads and small cam
    • stock truck manifolds
    • stock truck intake
    4L80e (rebuilding)
    • slip yoke eleminator (If budget permits)
    14-bolt rear from donor
    • has 4.10's may re-gear or may wait and get a 60 front and re-gear then
    10-bolt front for now unless I find a D60 for a bargain