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Restoration 1990 Silverado V10 - Cummins 3.9 BTA

blazer - verrrrry long restoration project


Started this project when diesel fuel was 50 cents a gallon.... Started in 1999 with other screen name...

Been working on & off ( mostly off) with health & family issues...

Original plan was to restore the chassis & repower with a Cummins 3.9BTA diesel engine & a 5 speed...

Nothing ever goes perfectly to a plan.... a fast ( meaning 1 or 2 year) restoration & conversion has been in the works since early 1990's, when the Cummins Sales Manager talked me into a repower idea...

The Off the frame chassis restoration started in 1999 while we were hearing Prince sing 1999 and we wondered if the world would end when the computers shut down.... The body was taken off the chassis.... frame & body underside & interior were sandblasted with a fine medium sand....

Then it seems like every spot weld was cut open and every underside part of the body was sandblasted or replaced with NOS OEM GM parts... Two feet of the mid floor section were replaced, as it was easier than multiple patches... All the stress cracks near seat mounting points were rewelded and reinforcement panels were mechanically fastened to the original floor with Por Paste or SEM Structual Adhesives. The front was reinforced with custom rolled floor reinforcements and edges reinforced of 1/8" steel and all mechanically fastened and bedded with Por Patch. Gotta love the black mess for weeks, before it washes away....

Had a bad Left rocker & inner ...fortunately for insane money I found a NOS OEM L rocker....Inner rocker, and s all the floor stuff is none existent....back to custom made 1/16" steel being formed to make new floor parts.... Lots of floor parts and rear section panels were fabricated in a steel shop, as GM only provides images & numbers of parts that are out of production. And, the OEM stuff that had multiple sandwiched layers are junk from the start...
Much nicer to make heavier gage parts & bed any adjoining parts with Por Patch.

Doors were an issue as I waited too long & the dealer inventory was the world over for OEM NOS doors in the box....Lets go to Maryland to find a set of doors....

Fenders were in great shape....did some cleaning / stripping & breaking the seams for cleaning.... Wanting extra cooling, the fenders were cut to fit modified GM Grand National Louvers....

Hood got the same extra's for venting.... this time a 1970's Nissan 240Z car hood louver that was shortened to fit in the GM hood....

Radiator support was opened up for cleaning & to make custom cold air intakes...

Body was nice & clean & only got chemically stripped, washed down & poly puttied to smooth any factory waves...that was the simplest part of the body work.....

Underside & mechanicals were intend to support a Diesel Conversion.... Front Diff was disassembled & remanufactured to OEM standards.

Transfer case was overhauled by Trans Tech Performance in Ringe, NH to bolt to a ZF S5-42 manual transmission, for a close ratio gear pattern....

Rear diff was cleaned up with new brakes to get it through inspection, as I planned a custom Ford 9" rear diff with 8'8" Lincoln continental disc brakes , with E-brakes, from Mitchell Differentials in Shrewsbury, MA.

Registration was a PIA...the left window switch stuck at DMV.... 1 trip later, I have it registered and Titled in CT in my name....

Interior is about @ 95% out of 100.... all interior plastic panels were cleaned & refinished in DuPont Vinylester lacquer paint... Seats were immaculate, so only a little shampooing needed. .... rear panels were wet and remaunfactured out of 1/4" plywood and fiberglass. Automotive upholstry carpet covers the roof head liner, rear side panels & a mountain of the stuff awaits being fastened to the fiberglass rear top.

PPG DP90 epoxy primer in matching blue color were sprayed on all metal surfaces, prior to all panels being sprayed with U-Poly polyester hi build primer & blocked out twice.

Color...only bought the PPG Factory packs in Blue Pearl color..... never did find a factory # for a silver metalic that looked electrified in daylight.... Wanted the Blue and silver on a Polaris Motorcycle, but they wouldn't give the #'s out.....
Exhaust is a PIA, as they didn't make many Stainless Steel systems for a GM.... custom made is the way to go....cut & reweld a Magnaflow Stainless steel exhaust is the ticket...

Custom wheels...why did Boyd Coddington have to pass on.
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BL6 001.jpg
BL7 001.jpg
BL8 001.jpg
BL9 001.jpg


Silverado Blazer
Trim Level
Gray Cloth Upholstry
Factory Options
everything... PW / PL, Tilt, cruise, power gate window, slider rear windows, CD player, bucket seats
350 small blocke..
Transfer Case
custom modified
OEM power
all factory
Factory front / custom rear diff
Should be custom
PPG waiting to be sprayed
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