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1991 V2500 Suburban

Building a well rounded family rig that can be used for road trips, camping, hunting, and occasional towing.


Was looking for a clean rust free and unmolested Suburban for a family fun vehicle. Took about a year to find this one. I almost gave up on this one as it was listed many times on facebook market place but the seller never responded to any of my inquiries and did not list a telephone number. After about my 8 attempt over 3 months to contact the seller I finally got a response. It was located in a small town about 50 miles away. Borrowed a friends trailer, cash in hand and away my brother and I went. I pretty much knew I was going to buy this thing even before seeing it in person. In person it was almost better than in the pictures which usually never happens. Interior is clean with no rips, well it was actually really dirty. The previous owner let his kids use it as a play house while it was not running. It took a lot of cleaning but came out real nice. Doors open and closed beautifully, zero rust, clean frame, paint peeling like it likes to do.

It did not run. Previous owner was part way through swapping a used motor into it and lost interest. They scattered the parts all over and had lost or misplaced many things. Never did get the intake manifold, TBI, exhaust manifold, most of the accessories and brackets. Figured I would pick these things up along the way. I haggled with them and $800 later was loading it on the trailer.

Got it home and started digging into it to see what I got. Had no idea this was the first and only year the squares got the 4l80e. I started pricing what I needed to get the TBI motor that was in there back together and before you know it had purchased a 2006 LQ4 and 2006 4l80e. Now I know this route is going to cost more but its going to give me a better finished product and what better candidate for an LS swap.

Plan is to get the motor and tranny in there and get it running, then will move on to suspension. Going to do a small lift, most likely 3-4". Don't want to run anything bigger than a 35" tire as it will see road tripping duties and some towing. We have other vehicles for offroading.

I have learned a ton from everyone in this forum, so thank you all. Mostly just been a lingerer until now.


Trim Level
350 TBI but swapping to 6.0 DBW LQ4
Transfer Case
Stock but will be upgraded eventually
14bsf rear, 44 front
Stock 16"
2006 DBW LQ4, 2006 4L80E, BP automotive stand alone harness, AC Delco EP381 Fuel Pump, Corvette Fuel Filter/Regulator, Dirty Dingo LS swap mounts, Windstar fans

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