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1995 burb SAS: Rockwells and 47s.....



This is my condensed build thread. I just copy/pasted/edited from my local forum.

DIY SAS kit.
DIY shackle flip.
WFO pitman.
Dana 60/14bolt with 4.56's
I will run the 36" irocs for now.
PSD 241 with VSS and 32 spline input.

Rig is a 1995 2500 burb. TBI 350/4l80e.




No oxy+torsion bars= the suck.

7 bolts hold on EACH front spring hangar.


IFS parts.

Got one spring. Working on the other side. I have to cut more of the Y pipe for the new hangar to clear. Frame is as cleaned up as I care for it to be. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some brake lines and turn it around, then tart on the shackle flip. It's VERY obvious these frames are MUCH stronger then square body frames.

After the axles are in I have to pull the case and swap the 32 spline input into my psd 241. Gotta fix the floor. It's rusted, but not out by the rockers. It's weird. I'm going to pull the interior out and do it once. Replace what needs replaced the probably Rustoliem it. I understand the bed liner option, but I want sound deadening and some insulation wherever it helps.

The 1/2 ton burbs have a different front spring hangar so it sits lower. The *** end of thing was high from the start so hopefully I get enough lift out front.




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I've had this for awhile. I bought it completely stock with a driver side drop shifter fork in it and different gear ratios front/rear. Sourced some 4" fronts and ordered a DIY shackle flip. I didn't like the way that it rubbed on the tank so i trimmed them a little bit The only pic I have of the lift going in. I got some 3/4 ton axles and through them and ran it. It hated 373s and 36" tires. I bought a winch. Found a bumper that needed some modifying. Moved up to tons and crossover. I...

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