2 wheel peel / #580 new painted pics outside

  • 1985 c-10 2wd with 5.3ls / 4l60-e / 3.73 Detroit true trac rear .


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    little info update 5/11/15


    UPDATE : painted pics of it out in the sun light :thumb:


    time for a new project i guess. ya i have a few but this could be used a lot more and i am tired of my current dd vehicle as its not me.

    so i happen to see this on local craigslist few weeks ago and then again the other day at lower price. figure what the heck go look at it.

    85 2wd short bed. no motor / ? tranny condition / cab rusty bad on rockers & cab corners / box sides going bad in wheel arch's . but has replacement cab MUCH better shape and was loded cab power guts in doors bad is small fire took out heater box but can swap from old cab to replacement.

    i need to get 2 new box sides as the floor and head panel are solid and then swap cab quickly and drop a decent driveline in this thing and run it.

    should be easy and good dd use rig to play with. and since i am working at a body shop these days great prices on parts needed . and can paint when done also . thinking 2 tone blue almost like it has now with white in the middle for 2tone effect like doner cab has.

    and for up here in the rust belt this is a decent project truck with solid decent frame also.

    got the whole deal for $725 cash and he will drop the cab off to me also in the deal. going to flat tow the truck 1 mile up the road to my buddys shop i work at . so the deal was better as it was all close to work/home. :D

    last pic is the end look I am after basicly for paint

    2005 buick Montana mid/rear seat's