2000 Buick Sleeper build - 2nd engine trashed!

  • Can I build a Buick in here?

    Picking up a Regal GS with no engine, but lots of aftermarket parts. Plans are something like this:

    -Replacement L67 engine (S/C 3800)
    -Ported supercharger and matching intake
    -Undersize supercharger pulley (3.0"?)
    -50lb/hr injectors (left over from E85 conversion)
    -Fenderwell air intake
    -Stainless headers
    -custom 3" downpipe and exhaust
    -maybe a cam
    -Dyno tuning at ZZP
    -Stock suspension
    -No exterior mods.

    The idea is a comfy DD and sleeper. Should be able to get 300WHP.