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2002 k2500hd 8100


Well this won't be to big of a thread but I figured I would start it to at least help me keep track.

Lets face it, I am a BBC guy. I love torque and power of big motors.

It was time to look at a newer truck. One that had more room than my reg cabs, would pull my K30 to the rocks and would be cheap enough for me to afford.

So this is what I came up with: 2002, K2500, 8100 Allison.
Ext Cab SWB. The gearing are 3.73s and it has a G80 which despite the fact it is a Gov lock it is ok with me seeing as the locker/lsd is limited in these. It has a flowmaster in place of the stock muffler and looks otherwise stock.

So this is the day I bought it. Lots of JC Whitney going on.

This is with the board and bug deflector removed

These are my new tires. 255 85 16s BFG mud terrians

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I decided that if I was going to 4 years of school I wanted a cool summer dd. Though this isn't the coolest this is what I ended up buying. Was this '74 Malibu 4 door 30k miles L65 2bbl 350, th350, 2.73 gears. Plain Jane no option car except AC (which requires a 350) and the auto transmission.
80' 427
I have posted in the Garage section but I was thinking this may make a better place for my stupid questions about my 1982 K30 with a 6.2. Here are todays I has a new pump and runs pretty good. Should it smoke? I mean it doesn't smoke at all but I haven't put alot of load on it but accelerating it doesn't ever smoke. The previous owner put on a puroilator fuel pump in right after the tank switch and unhooked the mech pump. Is there a reason I can't just run both? More or less use the...
80' 427
Well since I have been bugged that I need to post pictures and junk of my fencing truck I guess I will. I bought this truck to replace my 73 k20 that I broke the 44 in. I was just looking for a Dana 60 but it came with a truck. This is the day I bought it Didn't take me too long to start wrecking stuff Here is the grease ball 350 And this the new motivation Setting at home Then I wasted some money and some more. This is hooked to new ORD 4 Hd leaves This was too...

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