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2004 Colorado Mid-travel IFS wheeler(preparing for dunefest)


I guess I'll make a build thread for this even though I won't be doing a lot of building on it in the near future. Just picked it up sunday, traded one of my other trucks for it.


Traded my 02 Duramax, hauled it on the trailer with the 07.


Dropped it off and loaded up the Colorado.


So some details on it. Started life as a 2 wheel drive. Previous owner then bought an early 2000s chevy 2500 and took the rear axle, transfer case, front diff, axle shafts, and knuckles and swapped them to the Colorado.

Custom built the cradle assembly and control arms and built his own tcase adapter. The control arms and most of the front suspension is all tig welded and looks awesome. Has 10 inch FOA coil overs



Just doing some quick measurements looks like it's using about 10-12 inches of travel at the wheels.

Ride height


Almost full droop.


Rear has a 14 bolt semi float with disk brakes. Stock leafs with an add a leaf and longer shackles. Also has FOA shocks, not sure which ones off hand. Has a small bed cage to mount the shocks, no pictures right now though.

Engine and trans are stock 3.5 5 cylinder and 4l60e. That along with 4.10 gears and 37s makes it an absolute dog in high range. 4 low gives it the power it needs.

Needs a lot of things finished, modified, tuned, and what not. But none the less it's going to the dune fest Friday night to see how it performs.

Hope you guys enjoy it!



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