2005 Dodge Cummins: Tow Rig/ DD/ Do-all truck

  • So I know it's not a Chevy or a trail truck but everyone around here seems to enjoy a good build thread and I figured this would spice things up a bit.

    So I sold my beloved '94 12 valve Dodge that has treated me VERY well for over three years. Some of you may remember I bought it for $2,200 and it was BEAT. I daily drove it from the day I bought it and slowly fixed it up over the years. The AC blasted cold and it got stupid good mileage but I was starting to want something a little more plush.
    So what I did was keep driving the good old 12 valve and saved. Eventually I had enough to go shopping for a 3rd gen. I was reluctant to go to an auto but being it's my DD I figured if I got a good deal on a 3rd gen with an auto I could justify building up the trans someday.

    So enough with the talk, I know everyone just likes pictures.

    I found this 2005 quad cab short bed locally and picked it up for what I consider a good deal. The lift and wheels/tires were all basically brand new.
    5" lift with 35/12.50-17" Toyo MT's.