2Dogs K5

  • This truck started life as a Texas Border Patrol vehicle. It was setup with a cage in the back and a heavy duty tow package that was well-used. Maybe towing a horse trailer.....?While it was very plain on the inside - baby shit brown interior, rubber flooring, no side panels - it came with all the good mechanical stuff - AC, oil cooler, etc.... I purchased it in 93. The first upgrade was to remove the pinner 29s, and it has been open-wallet since then :pimp:

    Here is the list:
    6" lift - ORD shackle flip in the rear, ORD HD shackles in the front, zero rates, 1" body lift
    37" Nitto Trail Grappler - balance well seem to do ok on and off road.
    17" Trail Gear beadlocks - these wheels are one of my favorite components, super heavy duty, no leaks, and look great!
    Dual batteries
    D60 Front - 5.13, ARB, stock discs
    Corp 14FF Rear - 5.13, Detroit, caddy calipers
    NP241 SYE
    High Angle Drivelines CV joint dl
    Hydro Boost brakes
    Cross Over steering
    Ram assist steering (1.5"...?)
    Frame braces - both plate and cross member types
    Onboard air - Extreme air with 2.5g tank, run at 120 PSI. ARB regulated at pump manifold
    6 Point cage/rollbar. Tied to frame at midpoint. All seats tied to frame
    200x Silverado seats up front for integrated belt systems
    Corbeau suspension seats in rear with 5 point harness (keeping the Groms strapped tight and safe)
    Custom winch bumper - with Warn 10K
    Custom rear bumper with fuel tank and spare tire swing gates
    DIY4x shock inboard kit
    DIY4x zero rate correction blocks (moved diff back 1")
    Softop from Softopper.com

    Current projects:
    8.1l - PacFab takeout program, donor truck was an AT&T service truck
    Hedman 62820 long tube headers - stainless, 3/8 flange, 16 gauge 1 3/4 tube, 3" collector
    Custom tune, location TBD
    4L80e, slightly built
    NP241 rebuilt with 32 spline input
    Spectra CU774 diesel/BB radiator
    ORD BB crossmember with motor mounts
    1410 Yokes, ubolt style front and rear
    Scepter gas cans, 2x 20L holder on swing gate from @Desert_K5
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    Original was tan/brown. Now grey
    Factory Options:
    AC, towing package, coolers
    TBI 350
    4L60 (not 'e')
    Transfer Case:
    Crossover with Ram assist
    Front: 5" spring, HD extended shackles, zero rates
    Rear: ORD 4" shackle flip, zero rates,
    1" body lift
    D60, 5.13:1, ARB
    Corp 14FF, 5.13:1, Detroit
    17x9" Trail Gear beadlocks
    37" Nitto Trail Grappler
    Black, 10' special