#5, 1990 ferd f350 it has a Cummins.

  • My brother in law had owned this for the last ten years. His cousin owns a performance diesel shop in northern Utah and built it in the mid 90s when it had about 40,000 on the original na 7.3l. He suddenly bought a newer dodge so I asked him what he was gonna do with it. I wasn't looking to buy another truck at the moment but the price was too good to pass up especially for this truck. ($7k). It has had a ton of maintenance done to it by my brother in law over the last few yrs. He is a pretty good diesel/auto mechanic. See specs page for more details. I'm sure I'm forgetting alot. KIMG0753.jpg KIMG0754.jpg KIMG0755.jpg KIMG0756.jpg KIMG0757.jpg KIMG0758.jpg KIMG0759.jpg KIMG0760.jpg KIMG0761.jpg KIMG0762.jpg KIMG0763.jpg KIMG0764.jpg KIMG0765.jpg KIMG0766.jpg
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    Not sure
    Really comfy 90s era aftermarket seats.
    Factory Options:
    7.3, zf 5 speed trans, Dana 60 front, 10.25 rear I think.
    1990 model industrial Cummins 5.9 bought brand new when installed. 1990 H1C? turbo with different exh housing for better spooling, larger injectors, intercooler, recently installed BD exh manifold, VE injection pump. Cold air intake.
    ZF5 speed regeared with the extra low first gear which also opened up the spread between 3rd and 4th. Gear vendor over drive. Now runs like a 7 speed, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd OD, 4th, 5th, and 5th OD. I think it has a 12" clutch installed a few yrs ago.
    Transfer Case:
    Factory manual shift Borg Warner
    Roughly 4" lift with big ass rear springs.
    Kingpin Dana 60 front, rear 10.25 Ford I think. 4.10 gears. Limited slip in the rear.
    Crappy old 16x8 American racing I think.
    Bald 265s, used to have 285s might go to 295/70r17 or to 35s which it had when built.
    Some kind of silver, has rust in the usually ford places. Some damage up front from an idiot with a gooseneck that didn't know how to turn.
  • 1992 front clip and bed. B&W turn over ball gooseneck.