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5.3L Toyota 1994 FJZ80 Land cruiser


I haven't been posting much lately, between just being busy and not building much lately. But here we go again with another 5.3L! :woot:
As some of you know I put my old truck up for sale in hopes of building a buggy one day. But I have to keep the family happy first! The wife and I made a checklist of what we wanted in a rig: solid front axle, 4 doors, 3rd row seat, daily driver, interstate drivable, good aftermarket support and Ls swap doable! With that list I found one rig that fit the bill, an 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser. I picked this gem up for $1k with a blown head gasket and started reading up on LC's. So if you don't want me to clutter up the driveway with a Toyota getting a better drive train than stop reading, don't reply, tell me and I won't go any further!:popcorn::popcorn:


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