69 K5 LS 6.0

  • First gen. Blazer LS Swap using a 2006 LQ9 6.0L Gen. 3 VortecMax 345HP with 4L60E/NP205, 14 bolt 411:1 G80 SF 6 lug rear, original D44 upgraded using Yukon Gear Dura Grip , Reid Racing Knuckles, Sky Manufacturing Hi-steer, hydraulic assist steering (maybe PSC)?, hydro-boost 4 wheel disk brakes, 4 new 52” new stock springs using ORD flip kit on the rear & DIY4X 1ST Gen B52 Kit on the front. Used a new 87 suburban Fuel tank with Walbro upgraded in-tank pump.
  • Year:
    K5 Blazer
    Trim Level:
    Factory Options:
    Not Many...it was 1969
    2006 LQ9 taken from Silverado Vortec Max
    Rebuilt 4L60E using Advanced Adapters P/Ns 50-0405E & 50-6900 output Shaft
    Transfer Case:
    Original NP205
    Sky Manufacturing Hi-Seer Reid Racing knuckles
    4 New stock 52” springs with Diy4X first gen B52 kit
    411:1 14 bolt SF G80 six lug rear, front disk brake (to be added) D44 with Yukon Gear Dura Grip with Chrome Moly axles
    TBD but likely factory 15” Rallies or 18” to 20” look a like
    33” or 35”
    Red/white classic scheme using upper/lower moldings
  • As with any build, I have had a general idea of what I was going to do. I had the original TH350 & NP205 & a 350 crate engine with only 15K miles on it but the 6.0L came with 81K miles & a matched 2WD 4L60E for a deal I couldn't refuse so the 350 is coming out. I will have to do some machine work to the GM adapter to match the 205 to the now rebuilt 4L60E with an Advanced Adapters output shaft...5 transmissions in the shop & not one really does it for the Blazer. I have the gearvenders over/under but the wheel base may be to short to use it.
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