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Starting a new thread for this 1970 GMC Jimmy I just picked up. I won't be doing a complete restoration, but instead rebuilding it into a nice driver. Something to hop in on nice days and go for a cruise. I'm going to be doing a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of metal replacement. Truck needs floors, rockers, rocker boxes, floor supports, A and B pillars and quarter work. I did get some patch panels and a good chunk of a donor cab to fix the "4 hole" area, along with what looks to be a cut down truck door.

It's about as stock as I could hope for. Drum brakes, points, etc... What isn't stock is period correct, the 6lug16.5's, the aftermarket tape deck from the 80's, aftermarket plow, brace under the front axle. 350/465/Dana 20, D44/12B. Took me a minute to figure out how to shift into 4hi/lo from two wheel drive.

https://ck5.com/forums/threads/new-70-jimmy.326433/ Is the thread I started when I brought the truck home. So far I've gotten it running, and it actually runs very well. Fires right up and settles into a low idle (I'd guess 700rpm). All the gauges work, all exterior and dash lights work, heater works, plow controls work (not staying though), steering, clutch, transmission and t-case work. The brakes are non existent though (maybe why there was a gallon jug of brake fluid behind the seat). So far it hasn't leaked anything after getting it up to temp a few times and driving it around the yard....so either everything is empty or it's got decent seals still.

I'm not looking for all out off-road performance, nor am I looking for 100% factory correct. I want what works well in day to day driving. The problems I've had in some of the last few trucks will hopefully be avoided here. Making it hard to drive or uncomfortable means you use it less...not what I'm after. Some things will be upgraded, mainly the drum brakes up front. I've got a nice 10B with locker that is ready to go that might find it's way under the front, have a 6lug SF14 that might end up out back. The 4speed may or may not stay. I've been holding onto a Nv3500 (and an extra Nv4500 around too) for a build like this, have the correct passenger drop t-case for it as well. Nothing is set in stone as I've got a while before I get to that point. EFI or even LS might happen too, I have a complete TBI or TPI system to choose from.

Plans are to get the body braced up and the passenger door on before pulling the body off. Once that's off I'll go through the frame, new brake/fuel lines, bushings, springs, etc... Body will get dropped back on at I'll tackle the sheet metal one section at a time. I don't want this to end up in "project jail".

Few quick pictures (I think these are the same ones from the other thread).

This won't happen overnight. Progress will vary from a lot happening in a few days to nothing for weeks at a time, and of course be budget driven. Any and all advice/criticism is welcomed.


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Major rust repair on this build, nice to see this first gen saved.
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