'71 K5 Blazer CST "Mean Green"

  • I've wanted a first gen blazer or Jimmy for a long time. I want a lot of different vehicles actually, but only buy when I feel it's a good or great deal. Anyways I posted an ad on craigslist in search of 69-72 blazers and Jimmys. My phone was off the hook actually for a few weeks. Lots of over priced junk, and lots of nice ones way out of my spending range. A guy from Iowa got ahold of me last Friday and said he had a cst project. We talked about it for about 10 mins and then he said he'd send pics Saturday. He's the third owner and got it to restore, but decided it was more than he was up to do after bringing it home so it sat for a year or so. I got the pics and they showed normal rust and some tiny stuff missing. Made plans to go see it the following a Wednesday, and pulled it home with me. It's rusty, but complete and original, and that's what I wanted the most. Just some pics of the thing he sent and a few I snapped of it.