72 burb (this is why i can't go to salvage yards)


I mentioned this truck in another thread but now that its mine i thought I would move it over here. Saw this last week while looking for parts for my 82 gmc. Back lot of an old salvage yard there she sat. 72 three door suburban. Body is in great shape. Drivetrain is complete. Interior is missing some stuff as you can see. They were going to crush it this week!!!! I made a deal with the owner and paid scrap price for it. 300 bucks.

This will not be a quickie. I sold this idea to my girlfriend as the ultimate hunting rig for us here. Being retired that's all we do in the winter. So its need life will be a loaded out camping/ hunting rig. So that means its getting one ton drivetrain. I will start there with a 14 bolt and 8 lug Dana 44 HD. I will see if I can get the old 350 to run for a while until I can scrounge everything for a Cummins swap. Its got to stay automatic so the girlfriend can drive it. Skinny tall tires for our back country hunting trips. Since the seats are gone I am thinking four captains chairs with center consoles. Then the back will be decked out with built in place dog boxes and storage for other hunting and camping stuff. Here is what she looks like now. Did you catch the AC? Bitchin. Should have it home next week to start tearing it down.




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