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72 C10 - longbed muscle truck


Going to document the build of my 72 c10 here. I have owned the truck for a year now and it has been good. Have only had one problem which was a rusty fuel tank. After that its been dead reliable. Its got the original 350, was rebuilt 5000 miles ago, runs great. Problem is, it has a 2.73 rear gear so its a dog. I have wanted to build something 2wd and fast for awhile now, part of why I got the truck. I want to eventually have a nice hot rod that I can cruise around town in and do burnouts. Truck will probably see little highway use, only to haul my dirt bike to go ride an hour away. Truck is solid and 99% rust free and has pretty decent paint. Nice looking old truck. Haven't decided whether or not to lower it yet, Im thinking no but I do want all new springs all around eventually.

I decided to buy a top end kit for the motor to hop it up some and hopefully make 320-350hp and slightly over 400lb ft. of torque. Pulled the motor last weekend and disassembled it, now it is starting to go back together. It is a 4 bolt main. Also getting the trans rebuilt while its out with a shift kit. Once everything is back in I am getting new rear gears and a locker and tires. I need to decide between 3.73 and 4.10. Running 29 inch tall tires. After this project will be brakes, steering and suspension.

Will update this thread with pics along the way.

New cam and lifters in, mild cam from edelbrock.

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