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Restomod 72 K5 - IGOR's build thread - 6/12/2017- Update!


So - I'm jealous of all you guys with build threads - I've been here a long time - it's time for me to have one! :D:D


This is my '72 K5 CST build. I want this rig to be a very mild wheeler / mostly street rig. My little boy who is nearly 4 has only ridden in it once - and is lately pushing me to get it done!


I bought this rig 5/01/00 from a gentleman in Oregon City, OR.

I am the third or fourth owner. When I bought it, it had a 4" lift, 35" wild countrys, 1/2 ton running gear with 3.08 gears. It had positraction rear, tilt steering wheel, factory tach, factory AC, and a double wall top.


My wife found this rig originally, and knew I'd like it and drove me by it. We had no money (being recently married) and forgot about it for a month or so. In that time, my grandmother passed away and left me a small sum of $$. - some of which I used to purchase this rig. What was weird was my grandmother had a cherry '71 K5 identical to this one. I'm still looking for her '71 - but no luck yet. (she traded the '71 on a '90 Ford Explorer :mad::mad: - which my brother drives now to this day)

FYI - VIN was: KE181S600964 and it is a 1971 K5. If any of you guys find it, let me know!

She did keep the plates off of the '71 - so I have the old school blue with yellow letter Oregon plates on it - which is pretty cool!

Below is a pic of my grandma & grandpa's '71 in Easter Oregon back in the day! This pic was taken between 1971 & 1975.


I drove this rig a lot for the first several years, and then the rear end went out. I took this as an opportunity to pick up a 14 bolt with 4.10s (only $60). Of course this turned into a "MIGHT AS WELL" (to quote Greg) - thus, I bought a 3/4-ton 10 bolt from COCHEV that KennyW was kind enough to deliver from Bend to me.

When I had both axles, I also had access to cheap sand blasting as well as (free) powdercoating, so took advantage of that - and had a buddy set up 4.56 gears in the front & rear as well as a Detroit Locker in the rear end.

Also took this time to set up the front with cross over steering - Muddytazz machined the knuckles for me - (first ones he had ever done if I recall correctly!) and an 8" lift. I made a drag link & tie rod out of 1.25" x .25" wall tube, and then sleeved them both with 1.5" x .120" wall stainless tubing - which of course I had to have polished!

Anyway - at this point I drove this rig for several years.

Until the harmonic balancer on the 350 came apart. that turned into its present state of the frame off. (it's a long story)


With the body off the frame, a whole multitude of obvious fixes / improvements came up that should be done - and that is where we are today... :D

Here are some of my previous posts on various things I've done to this rig...

3/4 ton axles installed - back in Fall of 2003!

Cross-over Steering by Muddytazz


37" Krawlers!


Sweet tailgate score!

Body off the frame - October 2006

Stainless steel rock ring

Front towhooks & front receiver

Rear towhooks & rear receiver

Polished Stainless grille


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