72 k5 narrowed

  • Hopefully there's not too many purist's around here.
    Before starting to cut my blazer up I wasn't able to find any real info or pics of the amount of work it might be or things I couldn't foresee being problems or difficult. So maybe the pics will help someone's decision in the future. IMG_20160527_102720620.jpg IMG_20160629_160335598_HDR.jpg IMG_20160701_155332902.jpg IMG_20160629_160353126_HDR.jpg IMG_20160707_104418333.jpg IMG_20160707_104410542.jpg IMG_20160707_104515297.jpg IMG_20160711_152002153.jpg IMG_20160711_162450236.jpg IMG_20160714_131457926.jpg IMG_20160714_152243194.jpg IMG_20160725_160019897_HDR.jpg IMG_20160725_160117330_HDR.jpg IMG_20160725_160135625_HDR.jpg IMG_20160725_160151319.jpg IMG_20160820_140002536.jpg IMG_20160916_145555568.jpg IMG_20160916_145852217.jpg IMG_20160916_150243037.jpg IMG_20161113_111718618.jpg
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