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'72 K5 - Where do I go from here?



I can't be the only guy who ponders this, so I gotta ask for some thoughts - How do you guys decide how far to go with a build?

About a month ago I was just going to fix a leak from the rear of the intake manifold. I can't afford to really do the build yet (recovering from getting a shop built, braces, horse for daughter, etc.) So the plan was to just keep it running until I could start spending money (about 9 months). I soak everything in Liquid Wrench over night. First bolt I try to take off snaps, even with the head.

So I sit on a stool and think for about 30 minutes........3 hours later the front clip was in pieces all over the shop. Since then I have pulled the engine, tranny, transfer case, removed all of the A/C components (going Vintage Air), and started cleaning up things. But at the end of the night, I always end up drinking a beer, looking it over, and far do I want to go (body off frame, powder coat, crate motor, etc), or just clean it really well, hit the frame and drive train with rattle cans, change out all of the suspension bushings and such, etc. It almost seems like you have to decide at some point......where do I want to end up?

I don't want one so nice I won't drive it. I have a '72 C20 4x4 which is almost to that point, I don't want another one. I want it clean, all working, decent ride, 4" lift, nice interior/gauges/etc., but not a 'show truck.' Of course friends don't help......We had our Friday Night Boy's Night at my house last week and I get the, "You are going to pull the body and get the frame powder coated right?" People love to spend your money. I learned that getting a shop built.

So, any thoughts/lessons learned/I wish I would, or would not, have.....I appreciate your thoughts on it, I'm driving myself insane. I'll get up some pictures when I figure out what is going on with my computer in the will not access this website. Any other site, no problem, for some reason, it will not access this site though (I am at work right now....)

Thanks fellas

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